Friday, August 04, 2006

A New Life

It is weeks since I posted here. I imagined that, after the end of term, I would be able to write a nice chatty blog every day. As it happens, I have been working long hours catching up with jobs in hand.

My "retirement" could not have been more pleasant with good wishes, cards, presents, dinners, speeches and visits from old students. My colleagues gave me a wonderful Lawrence's print drying rack. I love the old technology - wood, wire and glass marbles. I still need to hang it from the studio ceiling but I am already putting it to good use.

The last week left me exhausted, especially the clearing of 26 years of accumulated materials. I used cupboards at college to store trays of type and my childhood fossil collection, among other things.

I have so many jobs under way that is it difficult to finish one. I am gradually getting through them, working on a strictly first come - first served basis. I will be emailing over the next couple of days to update everybody on progress with their particular job. Everything will have settled down by the end of the month and new jobs will have a much faster turnaround than before.

I have an exhibition at Ely in Cambridgeshire, UK which starts on 25th August and carries on until 30th September. It is at the three cups gallery. I hope that some readers will be able to visit during the month. I will give more details in a few days.

There we go; just about caught up here - if only I had in real life!


Sharri L. said...

Where can I get either one of those drying racks or the plans to make one?

So glad to hear things are going well and you are enjoying your 'retirement'. I have been perfecting the practice for 16 years (a nasty job which someone has to do...) and believe it is the only way to live!


Matteo said...

Andy, I would also like the info on your drying rack.
Matt Laine

Andy English said...

Here is the link:

I was going to make one of these by drilling large holes in wood and then extending this to the edge as shown on the webpage. Wire needs to be bent and inserted to house the glass marbles, which are at least 1 inch in diameter.

The system works brilliantly - just slide the sheet up between the marble and the wood and it is trapped. I put two prints - back to back - in each section.

You see these on the ceiling of old art schools and art rooms; my old college had them. It is a pleasure to have some of my own I am sure that there will be a US supplier. Failing that, I still imagine that they are fairly easy to make.

Andy English said...

argh - it was cut off - here it is again:


Annie B said...

Andy, nice to hear a little about your new life. Good luck with your exhibition.

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