Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Back to work after a few days at the coast. It was good to relax but now unto the breach, dear friends. While I was there, I collected my new set of exhibition frames. I am very pleased with them; they are simple, square profiled planed ash. The engravings will look superb in them. Pictures to follow.

I returned home to a treat - my first ever ripe fig from the garden, eaten and enjoyed straight from the tree. I know that this is nothing to some readers, but seems to me to be another facet of our changing climate. The lemon tree is also producing fruit in quantity and I look forwards to a garden "g and t" with fresh lemon slices later in the year. Sadly, no olives yet. The Mediterranean certainly seems closer, in terms of climate.

Today's job is framing (again) and I hope to break the back of it this morning. Writing this is a bit of a distraction for me as A in on the operating table as I write and I won't be able to settle until I hear how things are. All being well - including the weather - tonight will include not only a fatherly visit to hospital to see the hairy son, but then open air Shakespeare (Romeo & Juliet) in the gardens of Girton College, Cambridge.

Yesterday, I pointed my new domain name at the servers and so I hope that the website will be "live" in a few hours. I will announce with suitable fanfare as soon as this happens.

And now, back to the framing.