Saturday, August 26, 2006

Engraving Al Fresco

I returned to my exhibition after lunch so that I could demonstrate the noble art of engraving. Peter had set aside a table out on the terrace that proved perfect. Since, like most printmakers, I work in isolation, it was a pleasure to be out and about and chatting about the process of making the images that are on display. I decided to carry on with my owl - featured months ago. I cut the outside of the block into a gothic arch and started to use stippling to attempt to show a halo around the moon in the background. The photograph that I took - looking through my magnifying glass - is not that clear but the print will feature in further entries in this blog.

During the afternoon, I took a break after Peter supplied a plate of scones, cream and strawberry jam. This is just what engravers of a certain age need to sustain them during an afternoon of engraving!

This was a very pleasant afternoon. I don't often have the opportunity to show how I do what I do and to talk to the people who are buying my things. We are planning another demonstration - probably in two weeks time.

The exhibition continues to be very successful. We have sold just under half the works in the first two days. With a month to go, I am starting to hope for a sell out.


Annie B said...

Mmmm, what a delicious-looking setup!
I think you're smart to do a demo or two. I've found that only about 5% of the people I encounter really understand what a woodblock print is until I show them some blocks. Once they know a little about the process their appreciation grows by leaps and bounds. Plus, it's just fun to watch a really skilled artist work, whatever their craft. And you are certainly skilled.

Mellissa Read-Devine said...

I am encouraged! Your set up looks very comfortable. I have been asked by my local gallery to spend the day (on an 'open day')with them, 'just doing my thing' and I believe I will bring along a block or two. - will be sure to keep an eye on them and the tools though!

Andy English said...

It was actually a lovely place to work. My studio is windowless with a daylight lamp to give me perfect conditions whatever the time of day or night. It was rather a nice change to be outdoors, by this lovely old building and with coffee being brewed a few feet away. People wewre fascinated to see the process and, if anything I think, slightly more in awe than having just seen the finished work on the walls.