Thursday, June 29, 2017

Open Studio 2017

I can't believe thats its a year since I moved back into my extended studio. It has been a pleasure to use it and it was getting so "lived in" that I have had to give it a good clean and tidy to be ready for this year's Open Studios. I have made a few changes to the layout from last year and feel that there will be a little more room for people to see what there is on show.

Firstly, the details. I will be open the following weekends between 11am and 6pm:

Weekend 1: 1 - 2 July
Weekend 3: 15 - 16 July
Weekend 4: 22 - 23 July

Full details can be found from the Cambridge Open Studios Website.

So what will you find here?

I will be showing a wide range of wood engravings, including new work such as A Breckland Story:

I will also be showing my most recent work, "Flying Kites Over Pakefield". Only twenty of these original prints will be available:

In addition to pretty much my full range of available printsd, there will be hand printed greetings cards. These are all printed from the original engraved blocks and signed, making each one an original print. Here is an example; the first appearance of  the second of three versions of "Tending Young" that I engraved for my Royal Mail honeybee stamps:

I have placed the card (which is blank and comes with an envelope) on Red, the 1902 Albioon handpress. Here is a view of the empty studio taken yesterday:

In addition,  you will be able to see a number of handmade books made in this studio, often involving letterpress, and published in small editions. I also make miniature books where everything is engraved, such as my tiny "A View Of Avebury":

As usual, I will be demonstrating how wood engraving works and "Red", the larger Albion, will be in use.

Here is a video of last year's Open Studio, to give you a taster:

Feel free to just come and browse and ask questions. If you want to buy, I will accept cash, cheques and can also take credit cards. Come and say Hi!