Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Freshly Picked

I received my advance copy of "Freshly Picked" this morning. I have already shown the blocks and some images here but this was the first time that I saw how my engravings had been used.

Here are a series of photographs of the book - click on them to enlarge.

The book is handsome (I didn't design the cover):

My engravings have been reduced and used as endpapers. I am very pleased with the end result; the engravings look good in green:

Hwere is a selection of the engravings:



Summer (One of my favourites):

Autumn (My favourite):

Growing potatoes:

Far Flung Food:

All in all, I am very pleased with the result. This is my first "High Street", rather than fine press book project. It covers both the growing and cooking aspects of growing ones own veg and I'm looking forwards to reading it. It is published on June 4th.

Our own vegetable production is coming along nicely and things are stirring in the new raised beds: