Monday, February 01, 2010

Printing Again

After something of a hiatus I am back in the press-room again. The three boxwood blocks that form the inside of "A Prospect of Ely" (see this post) are set up on "Red".

Printed sheets soon started to fill the drying racks.

I had already finished a small number of these books to be given as Christmas gifts. I now have enough printed to complete the edition of one hundred books and will start to offer them for sale very soon and will contact those people who have already expressed an interest in purchasing one.

I was good to get back to my presses and carry out the familiar and pleasurable tasks of cutting paper, building up the makeready to give a good impression and, finally pulling the bar to force the ink from the blocks onto the Zerkall paper. My fingers are inky again and it feels good. Tomorrow I will take a bookplate commission through its final stages ready to print the edition in the smaller Albion.

As you can see from the top photograph, the room is getting untidy. Spring cleaning has come early this year and, once again, I have cleared out various states, working proofs, paper trials and early editioned prints for sale on Ebay.