Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today was a busy day within days of being busy. I took a break from making the last marks on the NA bookplate to finish printing some business cards for LJ. One side is set as text and the other has an engraving. It is always something of a treat to print letterpress. For these small cards, I used the Adana 8x5 (in the centre of the photograph below) for the text. As these dried, I printed the engraving on the back using the small Albion. My speed immediately slowed down as - at my fastest - I can only print three per minute... and I have 300 to print. I ended the day with 150 completely finished and the rest to do tomorrow.

Once the press is free I can start proofing the NA bookplate with a view to finishing that on Sunday, ready for printing later in the week. Here is the studio setup for the cards:

The Adana is in the centre and the small Albion is on the right. The machine on the left is my perforator - still awaiting me finding time to engrave a "stamp".

Apologies for the long absence. I will be catching up with news over the next few postings.