Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Spam, Spam, Doves and Spam

Having finally posted details from the Venus and Adonis Illustrations, I was pleased to see comments but then disappointed to see that they are all obviously from spammers, promoting their products. Is there no escape from these people? Now I need to work out how to remove comments - or is my only option to turn off the comments - a great shame.

You may remember the saga of the doves. I finally sent the second block as I wasn't satisfied with the first. Sadly, the second developed a fault during printing so I made a third. Again, there does seem to be a problem with the wood - quite crumbly so I sat down again last night and engraved version four. I will proof tonight and post tomorrow. I never want to engrave a dove ever again!

Well, apart from those rants, things are good over here. The days are still quite warm and life goes on in a generally pleasing fashion. What more does one need? I ought to count my blessings more. My eBay sales are going quite well and I should make this month's payment on the press and save something towards having a drop handle made.

My next task is to make sure that I have plently of stock for a forthcoming weekend in North Essex where I will be demonstrating my work and, hopefully, selling engravings in an encouraging quantity. It has been a long time since I took myself out like this and I am looking forwards to it as, beneath the serious and reticent exterior, I do rather like to show off what I do.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Venus & Adonis Image Splash

I have scanned my Venus and Adonis illustrations and will give you a tantalising glimpse of some of the things that can be seen around the fringes of the "action" that is taking place. These "nature notes" became an important feature of my designs and subsequent wood engravings.
Reflections Posted by Picasa
Butterfly Posted by Picasa
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Another butterfly Posted by Picasa
Last One - from the tailpice Posted by Picasa