Thursday, June 29, 2006

Serendipidy and Change

I was proofing a couple of engravings for wine labels on tuesday evening when I realised that I was running short of ink. I found myself driving home this afternoon with a car laden with boxes full of ink - a gift of unwanted materials. This was a most pleasing juxtaposition of events. Here they are (click for an enlargement):

The larger tins are old and I am not yet sure what I can salvage. The smaller tins are much newer and much of the ink seems to be fine. Here is a large quantity of coloured, rubber-based inks.

However, I use black, oil-based inks.

But this has got me thinking. I used a rubber-based ink at Alembic Press and was very pleased with the results, despite the longer drying time. I particularly liked being able to leave the ink on the slab to carry on the next day. I don't think the drying time is going to be an issue with me being in the studio every day so I am considering... wondering...

Since this is a time of big changes, perhaps I should be more open to less familiar ways of working.

But... colour? Now there's a thought!

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