Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Finally - A Mailing List

For the last few years, I have relied on Social Media to keep people up to date with work in progress, forthcoming events and special offers. I am no longer confident that this is the best method, especially with rumoured further changes to the way that Facebook will deliver information.

I have signed up to MailChimp and finally have a way to offer an occasional email that I hope will interest you. The good people at The Internet Marketing Company have added a button to my website that links to a simple sign up form:

I will not bombard you with emails. I imagine that they will be sent monthly at the most.

Out of all  Social Media I engage with, I enjoy Instagram the most. You can follow me  as @andyengraver  where you will find images of my work or whatever else has caught my eye.
Here is a little taster:

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