Sunday, October 22, 2017

Apple Blossom Wren

We are lucky enough to have a garden which is busy with wrens and they have become one of my favourite birds. This is not the first wren I have engraved but this one has taken the longest.

It is a project that has been done simply for my own pleasure. In addition, it has been a demonstration piece that I could take with me to a selling event. If you have seen me working away at a block in public during the last couple of years, it was probably this one. Here are some views that have been added to my Instagram feed ( @andyengraver ) during that time::

The last of this group of photographs shows the last few adjustments to be made, pencilled onto a proof. I finally finished engraving during my open studios this summer and then set the block aside to move on with other projects.

The large Albion was free for a few days this week so I set up the block and tried some different papers. I was particularly pleased with a very smooth, very slightly creamy, Zerkall paper and made a start on printing the edition.

Here is the print. It is called "Apple Blossom Wren" and the image measures approximately 75 x 60mm. I am publishing it in an edition of 100. You can buy it now at a pre-publication price from my ETSY store and I will have it with me at my November selling events (more details about them very soon). It will then be available from my website.

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Unknown said...

It is another beautiful image Andy. Regards, Cheryl Hannah