Saturday, October 18, 2014

Artist's Proofs

Some of the engravings available on my website are Artist's Proofs and I have explained what they are during conversations at events I have sold at, but never discussed them here - so here goes.

Googling "Artist's Proofs" is interesting, especially since the results show so many variations in interpretation. This is my practice. Say I print an edition of one hundred engravings for sale, they are signed and numbered 1/100 to 100/100. In addition I print some additional proofs which I have always regarded as being for my own use. When I started to do this, the general opinion was that these proofs should number 10% of the edition. I sign them and mark them "A/P". In recent editions, I have taken to numbering them as well ("A/P 1/10").

These are mine to dispose of. I give them as gifts, exchange them with other artists, give them to be sold for charities and, sometimes, sell them. Some of my most popular engravings, "The Fossil Collectors" and "Walking Towards Ely", and only available now as very small numbers of remaining Artist's Proofs.

Here are some more examples. They are all private commissions where there is no numbered edition for sale but I have my Artist's Proofs, which are available in very small numbers at £40 each with free postage and packing.:

 "Sparky" is an elderly Border Terrier who I eventually met in person. No longer as sparky as he once was, he was very charming. Available for Purchase here

Unlike Sparky, I never met this handsome fellow in person. Available for Purchase here

"Woody" lives close to the studio and he is strong and full of character (and not too keen to pose)
Available for Purchase Here

(On a technical note, sometimes the links to my web store lead to a "blank" page but refreshing it brings up all the details)

I should add that as an "Engraver For Hire" I do undertake commissioned work like the examples shown here but, because of high demand, I cannot always do this at short notice

My Ely exhibition is going well and still has a couple of weeks to run. Scroll down my blog for full details.

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