Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Recent Work (3)

Summer, such as it was, is nearly at an end and the harvest, such as it has been, is nearly in.

Here is the story of my engraving for the BAREN exchange number 37, which had the theme of a journey. It brought together two things that I had been saving, namely, the idea of making an image based on Cornish gardens and using a lovely natural "round" of boxwood sent to me by blockmaker Chris Daunt.

I started to engrave the block in public at Art In Action (see previous post). I worked on a very detailed area of plants at the bottom of the image and then moved on to engrave the sky.

I returned home, safe and sound, despite brake failure and continued to engrave. In fine weather, I worked in the garden, fuelled by large cups of tea:

The image gradually took shape...

...until the engraving was finished and I could take a proof.

I usually proof in the smaller Albion. I worked through a few states as I tidied up the engraving until the block was finished and printing commenced...

...followed by drying.

Here is the final image. The print is in memory of Wanda Robertson who passed away earlier this year. I bid farewell to another old friend, my Vandercook proofing press which I used to proof and edition my engravings from 1999 until the arrival of my first Albion press. I have sadly neglected it in recent years and it has now gone to a home where it will be loved and used.

So I will end by raising a glass to old friends. A glass from a bottle featuring one of my engravings on the label. I have engraved several designs for wine labels over the last few years. This is the first one that I have seen "on the shelf"; I spotted it in the shop attached to my local service station, of all places.



Ellen Shipley said...

I always love watching your process. 8-]

Annie B said...

Beautiful, Andy. How long would you say you spent engraving? Just curious how many hours, or perhaps if you'd rather measure it in cups of tea!
And I love the wine label. Beautifully understated.

A toast to old friends...

Gypsy at Heart said...

Andy. I adore this new etching. Just lovely. And how wonderful that you get to see your own work on display and by chance. That must give you the nicest feeling of satisfaction. The wine bottle label is great too.

Letter C said...

Andy, I echo Ellen's sentiment, I love seeing the process and the finished prints. Just wanted you to know you have a lurker/admirer on the upper left of the U.S.
C. Chapel

Lynn said...

Such a treat to get a visit to your workspaces and see the process. I'm honored to be in exchange #37 and getting one of these prints!!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice print, Andy. I love the use of the round of wood, too.

Glad the Vandercook got a good home too!