Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring Cleaning and Ebaying

A lovely day - bulbs bloom, frogs head for the pond and the cherry plum trees are bursting into blossom - can spring be nearly here? In the studio, it was getting to the point where I couldn't easily get to things that I needed and so it was time for a spring clean. I had been given some shelving by neighbours but there was no room so the type cabinet had to find another home. I have moved it into the next room where it will find a permanent home near the Arab press The shelves are great and give a sense of space as well as housing all kinds of bits and pieces.

A popped it to take some photograhs for me and got artistic - the engraver framed with his own Albion:

Last week, I drove down to London with O to visit the film school he hopes to attend. On the way back we stopped off at Ikea where I saw this kitchen block:

It is very sturdy, yet easy to move around. On the top is an old perforating machine fro my stamp project. Underneath are two of my small Adana presses.

I'm still organising the shelves. The engraving is a superb Gwen Raverat view of Vence in France:

While I was tidying up, I gathered together a group of early engravings - mostly numbered examples from the editions. They are available here.


annie said...

Still too poor to buy any art, but if I could I surely would...

One suggestion about your eBay store - if it isn't too expensive I would show gallery pictures at the store entrance (not sure if that's the technical name, but you know what I mean). People are so impatient that having to click on each listing in order to see it seems too much like work and they bail.

Your studio is looking great.

Any update on the Rembrandt?


Andy English said...

Hi Annie,

The Rembrandt is with the conservator, who is taking it off the album page so that we can get a good look at the paper.


Annie B said...

Hi Andy,

Your studio looks beautiful. I'm jealous of your perforating machine! You remind me that I have some cleaning to do myself to properly welcome spring. Happy almost-spring.

Annie B

Lesley Todd said...

Hi Andy, I've just found your blog and I've really enjoyed seeing your work and photos of your studio. Spring's definitely on it's way. The birds are nest building here :-) Good luck with your ebay store.