Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Prevarication and Perspective

Its warm in the studio and cold here in the house yet I linger here; why? Two answers- preevarication and perspective.

I need to make a start on the engraving of a block that needs to be finished and delivered on Thursday. Once I get going, things will be fine but I'm holding back from making that first cut. Once started, this project - an illustration - will just fly.

I am engraving an architectural subject. This need precision and what is causing the delay is that the perspective needs to be perfect. With a drawing, one can go back and adjust the angles taken by lines. Once you engrave, that it that.

Actually, I rather enjoy perspective. I have set the block in the corner of a sheet of paper, marked my "vanishing point" and use a ruler to check and modify the lines on my sketch. Its a good way to start a day because little thought is required. Here is the setup:

This is a rare glimpse of a piece of my commercial work. No more details.

Well the drawing is finished and its time to engrave. No more delays! Except that I need to take tea out to the studio. Must decide which tea. Better think carefully about which mug.

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annie said...

I just love your work so much! Hopefully someday my bank account will be healthy enough to allow me to live with some...


PS What's the latest on the Rembrandt?