Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Garden Engraving

I showed this engraving "on the block" a few days ago and here it is finished. It shows part of the garden that we have made behind our house. The seat at the top is a ghreat place to catch the last rays of a setting sun. I am printing this for a book project which involved much heavier paper that I am used to. As a result, I am dampening the paper - something that I do not normally do. I was staggered by the results and this is making me rethink how I might print larger blocks. This has pleased me as I feel I am really learning something from this process. At the same time, it shows that my modest press can cope successfully with larger blocks on rougher paper.

I have decided to use paper left in the studio of my dear friend Pam Hughes. I was given the paper when I helped clear the studio after she passed away. One of the dimentions is 11". Lo and behold, these sheets are already trimmed to 11". Sometimes you just know that things are meant to be. Thanks Pam - keep on looking out for me. Posted by Picasa


Sam said...
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Collector said...

Hello Andy,

Just discovered your blog. Interesting reading! I saw this new garden engraving on Ebay tonight, but, alas, the auction had already ended.


belindadelpesco.com said...

Wow, this is incredible. I absolutely love it. How big is the edition?