Friday, August 19, 2005

Working In Dreamtime

Still feeling ill but I'm getting there. I didn't finish the block yesterday - just too much sleeping and too little engraving. I did, however, have a curious experience. At one stage, I woke up having dreamed that I was still engraving. My memory was fresh enough to go out and repeat the cuts in real life. I'm not surprised, as my work dominates my waking thoughts. Actually, there is little to do on that block before I proof and make the final adjustments.

I was feeling a little better today but this morning was taken up taking A to and from a medical appointment and getting to the bank. My head was still fuzzy but this started to clear during the afternoon and I made preparations for more engraving on the final part block. I have a detailed figure drawing and I divided it into areas of different tones. This leads to a very complex drawing but, once it is transferred to the block, the engraving work is quite fast. I have set myself the target of posting the blocks on Monday but I know that this is a huge task, given that I feel so weak and dizzy. No more engraving tonight but I will carry on working on the drawing ready to transfer it to the block tomorrow.

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