Friday, August 26, 2005

Slow Inch by Slow Inch

Quite a good day, today. Took the lurcher out for walks, fed the chickens, drank mugs of steaming tea and listened to England playing some magnificent cricket against the old enemy - the Aussies in the Test Match, a five day ordeal for the teams but great excitement for the listener or watcher. I engraved throughout the day, inch by inch. Things are going well for a spell but I am such a slow worker. Each of those inches seem to take an absolute age - planning the marks, choosing the tool,executing the cut and assessing the marks in terms of the form, the light, even the feel of the piece. Working towards another proof - please let it be good enough work.

The sands of time are slowly but surely running out on this project. This evening will be cutting and proofing; the night will be planning tomorrow's work. Tomorrow morning will be more cutting. Hmmmmm. Time, I think, for more tea!


Annie B said...

Hi Andy,

Don't know much about cricket, but tea is good. What are you working on? What's the subject matter?

yochanan said...

I am working on wood cuts right now. About as far away from wood engraving as you can but still be relief prints. Currently making a large font of type and cutting it in wood plywood. For something even plywood has it uses.