Wednesday, April 22, 2020

To Be Sorted. Collections of engravings to raise money for charities.

*** Note: The sale of these books raised £903 shared among the organisations listed below***
***Thank you to all who supported this endeavour and sorry if you were not able to obtain one***

Strange times.

Luckily for me, I have hermit tendencies, work from home and continue to have commissions offered to me. I have also taken the opportunity to organise the printing studio.

While I was doing this, I pulled out a large box labelled "To Be Sorted". This contained a mixure: editioned engravings, artist's proofs, unsigned proofs and some proofs with issues - underinking, small smudges and the like.

By the time I had made a pile of 250 prints, it occurred to me that I might bind these as books to sell them to raise money for some charities. I trimmed the sheets to approximately 12 x 18cm, added a page of text and a colophon and stab bound them into thin card covers.

I made a new engraving in the form of a label for the front of the book:

Today, I finished binding the edition of 25 books, each with a random selection of engravings.
I did include a "jackpot" in the form of a signed A/P of "The Fossil Collectors" in one of the books.

They have been numbered 1 - 25 and shuffled so each order will be the next one from the pile.

The price of each collection of ten original engravings is £40.
I was able to make the books using materials that were already in the studio. The only costs to be deducted from the selling price will be Paypal fees and postage - they will be sent out using Royal Mail first class; I can stamp the packages and post them as my daily walk can pass the postbox.

 The profits will be divided equally between:

Ely Food Bank
The Trussell Trust
Alzheimers Research UK

The books will be sold through my Etsy Store:

The listing will be live from 7pm  on 22nd April 2020.

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