Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sneak Preview

My exhibition has been hung. It was fairly straightforward, especially since I had made a plan of where all the work would go. I made a scale drawing of the available walls and cut out shapes - also to scale - to represent the work. It all went swimmingly.

As usual, some changes were made on the day but I was very pleased with the result. In the end I hung 48 engravings - my largest show ever.

Here is a sneak preview:

In the last photograph, you can see that the exhibition continues out into the entrance hall beyond.

See you at the opening?


Anonymous said...

A great display, not only of your lovely engravings, but of your organisational skills!

Acornmoon said...

It looks wonderful, I wanted to click to see each piece in more detail. Is your little concertina book for sale anywhere?

Terry Sargent Peart said...

I love how you went so far as to make little mock-ups for the hanging, very smart! But, how do you get them to all hang in such a straight line. I've avoided this by staggering, but would love to hear any little tips. Good luck on your show!

Ellen Shipley said...

The show looks wonderful and I love the venue.

Celia Hart said...

I hope you had a splendidly successful evening. The rooms looks so tranquil and cool - a lovely retreat in this heat.

I'm in awe of the meticulous planning - but would expect nothing less from someone who does such detailed work.

good wishes