Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recent Work (2)

My grateful thanks to Hans who has agreed that I can share this with you. It is a short animation of the engraving of a bookplate that I finished a couple of months ago. It is one of my larger ones, being 4" tall by 3" wide and I particularly enjoyed tying together the different elements (trees, wagon wheel, vines & trout) that Hans wanted. A bookplate is a very personal thing, whether for personal use or a gift. Most of my working life is spent creating them and I find the process of working with the client to convey aspects of a life into a small space very interesting and satisfying.

Here is the film. The scans of the engraved block have been reversed so that the image can be seen to grow and move easily into the final section that shows the various "states" leading to the final image.

Here is a scan of the final plate:Now back to work - two illustrations and two bookplates to finish in ten days.

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Gypsy at Heart said...

Andy, it had been a while since I had come back into your blog. The long hiatus is something I regret since I like it so much. Nevertheless, here you have me arriving to find this beauty. How utterly marvelous the plate is. I loved seeing you go to through the process all the while watching the finished plate immediately below. Very beautiful. So intricate the fish, the palms, the texture of the mountains, the grape vines, everything. I can't find more good adjectives to tell you how much I like this. Thanks to Hans indeed for letting us see the finished product you worked for him and to you of course for sharing your talent.