Thursday, January 10, 2008

Albion Maintenance and a New Print

Work is going steadily in the studio. Current tasks include:
  • Preparing "Winter In England" for proofing
  • Making detailed drawings for an alpine bookplate
  • Collecting images and planning composition for two more bookplates
  • Locating a good acid free laid paper for a forthcoming bookplate.
None of this can proceed very far without the small Albion, so I spent this morning carrying out maintenance and bringing the rails back into alignment. The story is told here. but beware, this blog shows graphic images of cast iron and oily hands:

Before I stopped using the press, I printed a part edition of a new small engraving of a squirell. Some of you might remember me engraving this at the Oxford Fine Press Fair. It is small, but very detailed; I am very pleased with it:
It is available here:

Here is the block:

OK... back to work.

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AC said...

I love your new squirrel ...he is gorgeous.