Sunday, January 21, 2007

Storms, A Bookplate and More on the Rembrandt

I have just about tidied up after storms earlier in the week. I was up at dawn on Wednesday, tying down the roof over the hens as it threatened to fly away. Later, I was on a shed roof nailing down the roofing felt that had torn and was rapidly unravelling. Luckily, there was no great structural damage. In the afternoon, I drove into Cambridge to collect A and J from work as trains and buses had been cancelled. We passed one bus that had been blown of the road and into a ditch.

I carried out more updates on my website during the week, including a "story of a bookplate". I was particularly pleased with this one and so I will show it again here:

I drove back into Cambridge on Friday to collect prints from a gallery and to take my Rembrandt to the Fitzwilliam Museum to compare it with theirs. Everything seems to be absolutely right about it and the next stage will be to have it floated off the album page to have the paper examined more closely. My fingers are still crossed that it is an early impression.

Well that was this week. Next task; more work on the website.

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