Saturday, November 04, 2006

Illustration and Introducing "The Days Between"

I am interrupting my bookplate work to take on a couple of small illustrations. Far from being an unwelcome intrusion, I enjoy this work; apart from any other consideration, it puts vegetables on the table for another couple of weeks.

I always keep a day or two free in my weekly schedule to take on this type of work - illustration is unlike the rest of my work in two respects: there is usually a strong design brief and the deadline is generally very tight. Since most of my work involves lengthy planning and, perhaps, days of engraving, I enjoy the change of pace. Its a bit like being on a long walk, with its steady pace and rhythm, and then breaking into a run - a sprint. Afterwards, you are happy to get back to the usual pace for a bit.

I often get "bogged down" with longer term projects. Invariably, taking a break to spend a day on an "illie" allows me to go back to the job in hand refreshed.

As usual, with commissioned work, I will not show it here. Instead, here is a view of Ely cathedral across a sunny, but slightly misty, fenland - viewed from the bedroom window a few minutes ago.

I have started a new blog "The Days Between" to allow readers who are interested in engraving to continue to read "Studio Diary" without having to put up with the tedious details of my everyday existence. If you are interested to find out how this journeyman engraver spends his days, then you will find it here:

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