Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This has been a very productive week so far with two engravings finished: the PJ bookplate and the tawny owl. I illustrated the block for the owl some time ago and I have only taken it up intermittently, between other jobs. It was nearly done yesterday but I made some final adjustments this morning and accepted the 4th state as the finished version. Click on the scan for a larger image:

I have also worked on the new Albion press for the first time. I will soon start to describe what I have been doing on the Albion Press Restoration Blog so check it in a couple of days.

There are other kinds of productivity to describe at this time of year. I sat out in the sun this afternoon and "strung" the rest of the onions we grew so that they can hang and keep dry in the garage. Earlier this evening, I foraged in the hedgerows with A to collect blackberries. We stewed these with apples from the garden and enjoyed them for dessert.

I recovered the tympan of the small Albion this evening (also to be described in the Albion blog). I will put it in a warm place to dry overnight so that it is ready for packing tomorrow morning ready for editioning.