Sunday, January 08, 2006


Sunday Evening.
Listening: Kronos Quartet; Michael Nesmith
Reading: Richard Brautigan

I spent today making pencil sketches in preparation for line drawings for a website. This is for local restaurant in an isolated Fenland village, about 15 minutes drive from my house. I have always enjoyed bartering and, as this restaurant serves some of the best food in the area, I have arranged to be paid at the dining table!

I drove out on a damp, misty day to make sketches and take pohotographs. These conditions really emphasise the atmosphere of the Fenlands, where I was born and where I still live. This photograph gives a flavour of the ladscape - click on it for a larger version.

OK - back to drawing. Posted by Picasa

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Barbara Mason said...

This is just amazing, almost ethereal. However will you convey this in a print and create this feel of enormous yet tranquil space. I will be excited to see it when you are done. Surely a case where less is more.
Best to you,