Friday, December 30, 2005

More of the Partridge

Yes - I should have given the dimensions of the Partridge (below). It is 4.5 x 2" - quite a tiny thing but big enough with all the detail. If any of you are part of the SSNW exchange, then you will be receiving one before too long.

New Year bekons and O is organising a party for his friends. Leaving J and I to organise what WE will do while all the jollification is going on and to rustle up enougfh beds for those who cannot make it home.

Good news - the studio is all swept out and clean - finally! I ought to post a new photo while it looks good.I installed J's Christmas present to me, a stereo system, and have piled up a bunch of CDs to cheer me through the engraving days and printing nights. Perhaps I will spend New Year's Eve there?

With Love to you all and very best wishes for 2006.

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