Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Starting a New Print

I have finished most of the immediate jobs in hand and so I can work on a project for myself.

I love the bridges that cross the River Cam in Cambridge. My favourite is Clare Bridge, which features in this engraving called "Lining Up Through Clare Bridge":

Another interesting bridge is the so called "Mathematical Bridge":

I have a piece of "lemonwood" saved for this project:

I normally darken the surface of the block before I draw on the design. Time to get the darkening kit out:

I keep a bottle of writing pen ink diluted with water. I apply this with a soft cloth until the surface is darkened enough for me to see the cuts that I make but not so much that I could not see any marks I make on the surface to guide me...

...but why don't you watch while I show you:


Sue said...

I like the free and watery texture juxaposed with the stone of the bridge.
The webcam (or is it block-cam?) is a great idea for demonstrating your methods. I look forward to the next stage.

Annie B said...

This is great, Andy. I love to see other artists' process, and your videos are wonderful.

insatsuya said...

Thank you Andy,very glad see this action in Camb.Best are the videos for my students, they are excited so much,me too, love old presses too.
best wishes