Friday, June 01, 2007

Revisiting Rembrandt

I'm frequently asked about my lucky Rembrandt find, so here is an update. But first... a lovely morning in Cambridgeshire as I walked out with Bella the lurcher - looking towards Ely Cathedral:

I now have Rembrandt back after the etching was released from the old backing paper. The reverse tells its own story, with evidence that it has been mounted at least twice before and some old pencil inscriptions, including the enigmatic "sup":

The front is looking very fresh:

Now the paper can be examined easily, I took the print back to the museum for a final examination before framing. The verdict? Not a posthumous printing! The paper is a fine - probably French - paper used by R from the 1640s. The print is now going back to the conservator to be prepared for framing.

The marathion printing is done. Three hundred business cards stand drying ready to be packed and dispatched tomorrow. Always a glutton for punishment, I immediately changed blocks so that I could add to the dwindling supply of my own business card:

I should add that I am always happy to discuss commissions for such work.

And next...? A little bit of sketchbook work before making sure that the NA bookplate is ready for proofing.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back blogging. I often check in to see if you've updated.
I like the new cards, you didn't do the lettering too?!. And how exciting to find a possible Rembrandt etching! It's an absolute beauty too.

Andy English said...

Thanks Sue - its good to be back.

Yes - the lettering is all engraved as well; its something that I have been working on over the last few months and I'm pleased with my progress. Still lots more work to do.

The etching was certainly a lucky find - if I hadn't been to the Rembrandt etching exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge just a couple of weeks before, I may not have spotted it. Definitely a Rembrandt and.. in the opinion on an expert - printed during his lifetime.