Saturday, June 16, 2007

Printing on the Albion Handpress

I made a short video for my Albion blog but thought I would also post it here. It shows a "printers-eye view" of the process.

I am printing a bookplate so everything is on a small scale. I am using several layers of very thin ink on the block. The paper is held in a cut-down clear plastic folder.

I had just printed 130 engravings - this will yield 100 really good bookplates and some for practice. The others will be rejected.

On with the show...


Sue said...

Hi Andy, Thanks for sharing the video. Most interesting to see others methods.Clever use of the plastic folder to hold your paper.

Sarah and Jon said...

Splendid video! Great to see the Albion in action, rather than trying to imagine how it might work.