Monday, June 11, 2007

The Next Exibition

A change of routine is always a good thing so I welcomed a day framing prints:

I drove these to Oundle to leave them with Geri Waddington in her wonderful bookshop - well worth a visit. I left with a small packet of bookplates.

These prints are on their way to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire fo "Six Of The Best" a group show by six British engravers from June 24th to July 15th:

This is part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival:

It takes place in the festival shop. The festival website is here:

The next day I was in Cambridge, collecting prints from another exhibition which has now closed. The weather was lovely and I sketched by the River in preparation for a commission I will engrave during this month. Finally, off for coffee. One shop in particular has tables to work at (being in a University city) and its a great spot to spread out sketchbook and references. I was working in another commission, involving Gutenberg:

When I am commissioned to design a bookplate or similar small graphic, I tend to work up three or four small sketches to scan and send to my client. One of these is chosen and I develop it further, making drawings until we are both happy enough for me to start engraving.

Blogging tonight - printing tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the link to the '6 of the best' exhibition, Andy. I'll be going! We've had a poo few weeks here and need an inspiring day out.
You're looking very busy and from the look of those framed prints you're creating some good work. I look forward to meeting them 'in the flesh'! :-)