Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter In England

I finished the "Winter In England" bookplate yesterday and I am very pleased with it. It was engraved on a 75 x 100 mm block of English boxwood. It is based on my favourite view across the fens from my house to Ely Cathedral. Here is the final drawing that I engraved from:

And here is the engraved block before printing:

And the first proof from the final state of engraving:

I took a lot of photos during the making of this bookplate and made a short movie from them. Many thanks to Piet Meijers, who commissioned this engraving as the last part of a "Four Seasons" project involving four artists and who gave permission to share the work.


Magic Cochin said...

That's lovely Andy - the slide show idea is a really good way to show how the design developed.

I'm always inspired more by winter landscapes than summer. Maybe I'm too busy with the veg plot in the summer, on winter walks I have time to think.

Will you be taking part in Cambridge Open Studios this year?
I'm thinking of putting together a list of links to other COS artists' blogs.

best wishes

Rima said...

Hello Andy, this is fantastic work.. pleased to come across you :)
And fascinating to see your working process..
I made a book of medieval woodcuts of plant folklore a few years ago which are not a patch on your work... but I love the process. Unfortunately these days I don't have access to a proper press. If you are interested you can find them in the living room of my site: ...
Anyway, I have put a link to your blog on my blog :) All the best, Rima

Gypsy at Heart said...

Andy, I'm new to your blog and I discovered you via another blog called the Illustrated Garden. The writer was apparently a Valentine's day gift recipient of one of your prints. I know little about Wood Engravings beyond having seen the occasional art work in this medium. I think that is about to change for me. I love your work. I love being able to understand what goes into it as well as peek into the mind's eye of your artistry. You are a phenomenal artist. I looked at all of your galleries. Everything is beautiful. Some more than others but beauty is the common denominator. Giverny, the Brothers series, Gardens, Birds and Beasts, I loved it all. I'll start talking wood printing here at home. Maybe like the writer of the Illustrated Garden, I too will get something you've made as a Valentine's gift. If not, expect me to become a client. You've already turned me into an admirer. Milena