Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Happy New Year and a Seasonal Engraving

Firstly, may I wish a Very Happy 2008 to all my readers!

2007 ended with the third in a series of seasonal prints illustrating the Twelve Days Of Christmas. They are in no particular order and this is Two Turtle Doves. Here is an early stage of the engraving:

You can see the tower of Ely Cathedral being drawn in the background. It isn't an entirely accurate drawing but I thought that it would suffice. Here is a later stage:

And here is a proof printed onto watercolour paper:

I printed five images onto watercolour paper and added washes of colour - enough to tint the image - not really in a painterly way. One of these was for J's Christmas card:Three of these and an uncoloured proof are for sale here.

And what did Santa bring for the engraver? A second print drying rack, allowing me to dry an edition of 100 prints above the presses:

I had something of a break from work between Christmas and the New Year. This was partly forced as, firstly, I need to carry out some work on the small Albion Press before I print again and, secondly, I managed to rip a large chunk from my right thumbnail. This had the twin unfortunate affects of my being able to neither write nor engrave. It has just about healed now and so I am starting to catch up with work, starting with a bookplate featuring a winter view across the English countryside.


Sue said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Andy.
I was most interested to see the latest print, very nice, as ever and printed on watercolour paper too. Did you need a lot of extra pressure to get a decent impression?
Glad the injury has healed up.

Andy English said...

Some engravings print very well on watercolour paper. They have a lovely embossed quality on a thick paper. Lots of pressure is needed and I could only do this effectively on the Albion. A smooth watercolour paper, such as Somerset works well with most presses.

Planet Janet said...

What a beautiful block and such perfect prints! The block itself has such depth -- I wondered what I was seeing. I continue to be so very impressed with your work.

MaRegina said...

wonderful work!
a great new year for you and all people you love!


Annie B said...

Hi Andy,
Magnificent turtle doves! You do such fine work. Happy 2008 to you and yours.

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MaRegina said...


thanks a lot for you comment!

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