Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Some Pictures

I finally managed to work out how to send some pics. One is of a recently completed image for Barbarian Press and the other is my lovely 1865 Albion printing press. You can see both below this post.

I took a proof of the doves block and you never saw such evil doves! It is the eyes that do it. I added a pinpoint of light into each one but I went too far and the eyes glow in a most undovelike way. Oh well - this happns now and then. I was rushing to finish the spots and that is something that I know I must never do. Actually I tend not to rush with larger blocks but I can be cavalier with the tiny ones.

I took time out to make some drawings for the larger V&A illustrations. These have figures and I am trying to give them a slightly erotic air - Get out your collected works of Shakespeare and read the long poem "Venus and Adonis" and you will see why; it is a tale of unfullfilled lust.

There are other jobs to do so break's over. I need to trim 100 bookplates. Hmmm.

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