Monday, June 20, 2005


This is just an update really. The new bookplate is approved and so I will start to set up the makeready prior to printing.

My Albion still needs some parts to be made and this includes the bar that the tympan hinges on. At the moment I am using the following method: I hinge a piece of thick grey card with tape so that it can lay flat on top of the block. I then tape a couple of sheets of thin card to this and check that the thickness of the packing seems to be about right. I then ink the block, lay the card down and take an impression.

What normally happens is that things seem fine but there are some places that need to print darker. I tear paper or thin card and tape these over the parts that need darkening. I then re-ink the block, place paper on it and flap down the card. I take an impression and keep adding torn paper - called "makeready" until a good even impression is made. At this point, I tape a sheet of clear acetate over the makeready to give a smooth hard surface and I am ready to print.

I moved back to working on Venus and Adonis today. My eldest son modelled for Adonis over the weekend. I should be cutting the first of the bigger blocks in a couple of days. Then its back to those evil doves!

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yochanan said...

there sure are different degrees of retentiveness I guess when I do my color printing I almost don't even care if it is as even because I am thinking in a very painterly fashion but when I print in black in white it does come more into play. Different kinds of printing press do have an outcome in how the print looks. My vandercook hand inking proofing press allows a very playful mannor of printing. Which is what I want when I print in color.
john c.