Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Doves Rise Phoenix-Like From The Wood

With the PM bookplate posted last night and the surprise bookplate ready for printing, I am returing to Venus & Adonis. My last, rather hurried, attempt at the doves ended up, as regular readers will recall, with the cutting of a block that showed two of the most evil doves ever seen.

I do, sometimes, have to repeat a block. I don't really mind with a small work as the new block will almost always be an improvement on the old. I started the new block yesterday and did some more this morning. So far, so good. Actually, things are looking very promising. I will try to get an "in progress" photograph posted later. I need to work steadily now. It is tempting to keep on cutting without standing back and taking a good look. It is best to take the first proof with a little bit to do. One can always cut more out but if the cutting is taken too far, it can be difficult to pull things round. It would be great to have this more or less done tonight so that I can get the last spot finished before the weekend so that they can be posted, together with their respective proofs.

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