Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Open Studio Weekend 1 and New Work

Despite odd showers of rain (to be expected on this final weekend of tennis at Wimbledon and so many other outdoor events) I was very pleased with the first weekend of the Open Studio. It was great to see old friends and new faces. Some people had traveled quite a distance to get here. Here is a record of a quieter moment.

The Cambridge Open Studio flag flutters in the sun to welcome you all:

Inside the door you can see a collection of my bookplates and articles about my work from several countries:

Glancing round, you can see through the open door of the pressroom to the small 1865 Albion press and some framed engravings:

More framed engravings, the drying racks, the inking table and a mandolin - its great to play a tune or two as a break from printing:

Now we can see both presses. A was giving demonstrations on "Red" the larger 1902 Albion:

Some of the shelves had been cleared to make room for sketchbooks, examples of my wedding and Christening images and the Seamus Heaney project:

Leaving the pressroom again, "Dr Snake" guards some more door-hung engravings:

Out on the main table, miscellaneous odds and ends:

I set up my engraving kit at the end of the table, finishing a block featuring a figure in a library with books and fossils:

When the sun did shine, it was pleasantly warm and A and I could take our breaks outside:

Here is a walk through of the whole thing. No commentary, just birds singing and music by Brian Eno:

The weekend is over and I'm back to work - designing a bookplate in the garden.

Its great to look up and see one of my favourite flower beds.

Meanwhile, below the table, another kind of distraction as one of the hens absent-mindedly pecks at my jeans:

Today, I was working on designs for three separate projects. They are all now ready to engrave so I will have plenty to demostrate with next weekend and at Art In Action the following weekend. Here, I am finishing the design for an engraving on the theme of a journey for a print exchange. I will be using a lovely natural "round" of boxwood made by Chris Daunt:

Do drop by if you get the chance to next weekend. I am open on Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 6pm. Details here.


Sue said...

What a nice visual record of your 'stall'. The music was nice too. I hope the weather improves for next weekend and even more folks come flooding in! :-)

Ellen Shipley said...

Love the tour. So pleasant with the music and birdsong. What a studio! And so organized!

Belinda Del Pesco said...

Wow, Andy, this was *great*! Your studio tour was especially fun. The work looks fabulous on the walls, and the tiny signs and arrangements of displays show how much thought and time you put into the presentation. It really looks great.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

what a nice tour, good set up. Sorry I can't make this weekend, it is bit far.