Friday, July 11, 2008

Art In Action 2008 - Next Week

As soon as I have finished my second and last Open Studio this coming weekend, I will be packing everything away to take to Art In Action at Waterperry near Oxford.

From the website:

How it all began

Art in Action was created out of a simple observation: people are fascinated when artists and craftsmen openly demonstrate their skills and discuss their work.

Bernard Saunders, then guardian of Waterperry Gardens, decided to organise an event at Waterperry based on this principle. Artists and craftspeople would work as if in their own studios, with the public as audience.

In 1977, 51 artists and musicians took part and 14,000 visitors arrived. The event is now a showcase for over 250 demonstrators from a wide range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics and textiles. Art in Action 2006 attracted about 22,000 visitors.

The event has expanded over the years to include practical classes (open to all ages and skill levels) , performances of fine music and dance, dialogues on arts and crafts, a craft market, and a range of refreshment facilities.

Aims of the event

  • To create a relaxed and friendly environment where artists and craftspeople can demonstrate and discuss their techniques with the public.
  • To present high standards of artistic skill and creative design.
  • To show the range of possibilities that exist in each artistic field.
  • To bring together accepted masters and young beginners.
  • To create a concentrated display of talent that inspires all.
  • To broaden the knowledge and understanding of traditional arts and craft skills of other countries.
  • To support the artist community with a high quality event that will encourage purchases and commissions.

I will be travelling across country and setting up on Wednesday. Last year was a tremendous success, despite being caught up with some truly awful weather. (Link to my blog of Art In Action 2007)

If any of you are going to Art In Action this year, do drop by and say hello at the Drawing and Printmaking tent.


d. moll, said...

That looks like fun, hope you have some.

Sue said...

Good luck at Art in Action. I hope the weather is better; it was truly vile last year.

AlexADF said...

What a fantastic weekend it was too. I am looking forward to reading your opinion of how things went. I enjoyed myself at least. Thanks for inviting me along.


robert said...

Great work!! thanks sooo much!