Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Monday

Easter Monday - a bank holiday - but not a day of rest. I dropped A at his place of work an drove the camper to Homebase to pick up the things I needed to finish the roof over the chicken run. The van is running well after a lot more welding to hold its 30 year old frame together.

Back home and then finished the work on the roof. This has three purposes: to keep the chickens dry in a downpour, to act as a biosecurity measure with avian 'flu in the country (dove droppings threaten to land in the water/food from the plum tree above) and to stop the hens gorging themselves on the plums when they fall. Job done, followed by lunch - eggs from said hens.

After this, I loaded the van again and J and I set off for our allotment. Today we added some more trees - two apples and a quince - and planted peas, onions and potatoes. Its a busy time down there at the moment but its good to be out of the dark studio and in the open air.

Tonight, I am back inside, checking and trimming a new bookplate. Here it is:

This is the first bookplate that I have cut on boxwood. It has been worth the effort of changing, especially when cutting letters. These are nearly ready to send. After that, I have enough work to keep me busy through until the autumn.

Well, that was my Easter Monday - time for bed. Posted by Picasa


Michael Fraley said...

Beautiful work, Andy. Is the plate reproduced on the blog similar in size to the original engraving?

Andy English said...

Thanbk you Michael. The plate is, indseed, approximately life size.