Saturday, July 16, 2005

Productivity Saturday

Quite a productive day, today. Once again, I juggled references and sketches for V&A as I give "If He Be..." a rest and work on one of the full page illustrations. I keep tweaking the sketches to play with the balance of light and dark or reveal a shapely ankle, or more. It is good, sometimes, to lay down the graver and think about design. It must be right before I cut the wood and there is no going back.

I also sneaked a few minutes sorting through type - I have to find some way to get my hands dirty if I'm not printing.

The "doves" block is finally on eBay and I look forwards to seeing if anyone is interested. If I get anything at all, it will go towards new wood for future projects.

Finally, I scanned and emailed the sketch for the EW wedding invitation. This is a very exciting project involving corals at night illuminated by moonlight filtering through the water.

And now I can take an evening off as its party time out there in the Fens. Have yourselves a great weekend, faithful readers!

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nidea said...

I'm glad you like the project -- we really like the sketch. I firmly believe that you should choose an artist for his or her strong points and then let 'em do what they want.

I just sent the text for the invite and reply card (Illustrator files) to the printer, so she can get cracking on them. Exciting!