Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Hospital, The Bottle and Cracking On

Yesterday got off to a slowish start as I took my older son to Hospital for an appoinment. Actually, things worked out rather well as I took my V&A file with me and, after about an hour of waiting, thinking and sketching, I had finalised designs for two of the part blocks that I had not yet started: the press device and the fritillary. The former is going to be another suprise and so I will not show it here. It involves a large number of elements and I spent much of the rest of the day drawing these pieces, fitting them together and then reducing the drawing to fit the 2 x 2" boxwood block that I have been saving for this particular image. By 6pm, the drawing was transferred to the block ready for the engraving.

After the appointment this morning, A and I walked through the small city of Ely. There is a craft and collectors market each Saturday and I was pleased to find a lovely ceramic bottle made at the Leach Pottery in St. Ives by Trevor Corser. This is my second piece by TC and it is a fine piece of work. The very low asking price put a spring in my step; I love a bargain!

No work on Saturday evening as we travelled to a nearby village to celebrate the wedding of two friends. They live on a farm and the evening was perfect: great weather, good food and dancing in the farmyard to a band who played from the open doors of a barn. Its good to take a break eh?

This morning (Sunday) saw me busy engraving the press deevice. Box is such a lovely wood to work on, especially if lots of detail is needed. I engraved throughout the day, taking breaks to walk the dog and clear up. The block was finished this evening and I had meant to take a proof but we spent far too long looking for a hotel in Berkeley, CA - that last night to fix up on out American adventure.

I did manage to transfer the design for the wedding project onto its block. I will be engraving this as I crack on with the V&A blocks as its sometimes good to hget away from a project for a few minutes.

Its late. I'm tired. So I wish you a "Good Night", gentle reader.

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