Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking Back: Open Studio 2011

My studio was open to the public during the last two weekends; it was very successful and I had a very enjoyable time. It is always nice to meet people face to face, show my work and demonstrate how it is made:

As usual, I made a short movie to give you a tour of my Open Studio:

Now it is back to work for me, concentrating on bookplates, handmade books and, hopefully, some personal images based on my walks through the local lanes.


Annie B said...

Thanks for the tour Andy! I'd sure like to come and drink a cup of tea with you and look through a few of your sketchbooks someday, but the video will suffice for now...

Alan Grobler said...

Greetings Andy!
Thanks for sharing a virtual tour of your amazing studio! Pity I could'nt have joined the tour! Perhaps one day when my ship arrives!

Best Wishes for yet another succesful 'Open Studio'.

Alan Grobler
95 Mackay Street,
Richmond Hill.
Port Elizabeth.
South Africa. 6001.

Hannah said...

I guess I forgot how small engravings were. Everything in your studio seems so contained. It's a great space too.

I was very interested in your drying rack. Is it a custom build or did you buy it somewhere? I like that it doesn't pinch the paper too hard.

Diane Cutter said...

Great tour, Andy... Were those wind chimes tinkling fainting in the background? What a serene creative environment.