Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad

Writer and publisher Susan Hill has produced a book in three weeks. It is a ghost story by M. R. James for which I engraved two small illustrations. Read about it (and buy it for Christmas stocking fillers) here.

I engraved both images on a single piece of resurfaces Victorian boxwood:

It was decided to crop the image slightly to exclude the boat which made the scene too tranquil. I am looking forwards to seeing the engraving embossed on the cover of the book.

The story is apparently set in Aldeburgh and, co-incidently, we have just returned from a long weekend there, staying in the caretakers cottage in the grounds of the Red House, home of composer Benjamin Britten and Singer Peter Pears.
We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed walks along the beach (fishing boats and Maggi Hambling's "Scallop". We also visited Snape with its wonderful expanse of reed beds viewed from the famous concert hall and shope at the Maltings.

I am currently printing a run of bookplates which marks the end of a very busy engraving year.


Jackie Bradley said...

Well - I just love your blog (am Jackie Bradley or York as is suits me, who bought some cards from you today). I did the foundation course at Brighton Poly (as was, none of that university thing then) and one of our teachers was the wood engraver Luther Roberts. I wish I had tried it then, but I am not careful or precise enough, and probably not a good enough draughtman. Aldeburgh sounds just heavenly - is the lodge at the Red House readily for rent? I think winter hols are sometimes the best if the weather allows. Love Norfolk and Suffolk. And you have inspired me to do more with my blog.

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Anonymous said...

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