Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Framing and an Art In Action Announcement

I ended my last blog post with a photograph of my new set of exhibition frames. Having splashed out on them, I decided that I ought to upgrade my framing kit and do a really good job so that everything looks as good as can be.

As it happens, I bought myself a new mountboard cutting kit during my last demonstrating session at Art In Action but had never used it - I hadn't even unpacked it. I had been impressed by the demonstration I had been given and decided that it was time to break it out and use it.

I'm very pleased that I did because the system was easy to use and cut the most neat and accurate corners that I have ever managed. I am really pleased with the results I achieved after a very few practices. It is a FrameCo Matte Master System 660b.

Years ago, I used "Hang Its" on my smaller framed work. I finally found a source and bought a tub. They simply tap onto the backboard to give an easy to use flush finish:

From the same source, I decided to buy a point driver. I have always used pins and a hammer in the past but this method is faster, neater and - finally - the days of managing to nail my thumb to a frame are over:

The other change that I have made is to use a fine plastic covered wire that is held firmly by ferrules that are simply crimped. No more knotting:

All of these framing sundries were purchased from www.lionpic.co.uk and I am very pleased with the results I have achieved. Here is "Lily Of The Valley, Nimes" in its new ash frame.

It is a co-incidence that I was reminded of Art In Action because - at short notice - I am demonstrating there again. It is a Waterperry, Oxford from Thursday July 15th until Sunday 18th. All details are available from the website. I do hope to see some of you there - do come along to the drawing/Printmaking tent and say "Hello".

You can see memories of my last two visits to Art In Action here and here.


d. moll, l.ac. said...

Such lovely framing! I have a mat cutter, but have nothing but trouble with it and dread having to use it...the whole crimp thing is brilliant, love that. Good luck and have fun at the demo.

Sue said...

What a great set-up, Andy. Very neat and efficient. Have bookmarked the links for future reference.

Ellen Shipley said...

Neat and clean and really kewl. Love the crimped wire.

MaRegina said...

great job.
I'll try it...


Annie B said...

Thank you thank you for this post, Andy! I'll be framing in July and needed some encouragement. You've offered some great tips here.