Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Week In The Workhouse

A busy week and a pleasant one with everything looking so lush and green:

Its my favourite time of year both in the English countryside and in the garden:

We had a sort through the garage, making space for my Open Studios during the first two weekends in July. I have identified some excess letterpress materials that will be sold during the summer:

In one old case of type: dormice have made their larder:

Lots of engraving going on. A lightning strike on a tree takes shape destined firstly as an illustration but then to be editioned later in the year:

Another illustration, freely drawn on the block and outlines drawn in with a medium spitsticker. I will be commenting on the different tools that I use in a later post.

A bookplate starts to take shape for the second time. I had to start this again after I found a soft area in the wood that was difficult to cut precisely. Under any circumstance when I am not entirely happy with work there is only one option - to start again.

Thank you for the positive comments about the illustration for our niece's wedding invitation. The text was printed locally and then I added the engraving on the front using "Red" our larger Albion handpress. I paused part-way through to make a short film of the proceedings.


Ellen Shipley said...

Thank you for the wonderful video of your process. You make it look so easy! And I really love your drying rack. Lovely set-up.


d. moll, said...

Indeed a cunningly drying rack and is that the Rat and Mole making an appearance in the bookplate?