Thursday, January 25, 2007

Website, Ely and Ebay

I am working on a major addition of prints to my website. This will still take at least another week but I wanted to signal some of the areas that are nearly finished. These include the "Birds and Beasts" and the "Brothers" series. Bot still have some prints to add but I am nearly there. Personally, these two galleries hold my favourite images, especially those of my children.

Many of you will know that Ely cathedral features in many of my images, often as a silhouette on the horizon as here:

So what is the attraction? The answer is that I have lived within site of the cathedral for about 45 years and it is a powerful and iconic building. It is also my favourite medieval building in Britain. I pass it every morning on the way to the station as I do my "taxi" runs. Today I stopped and took a photograph to share with you:

Today I worked on a "change of address" card for friends. This evening, I added some prints to my Ebay shop. The idea is to raise money to pay for the conservation of the Rembrandt. If you are interested, you can find them here. (Note added 26th Jan - everything sold out overnight but I have now added more prints to the Ebay shop - mainly artist's proofs).


Diane Cutter said...

I don't ever comment, Andy, but I always looks at your work. It awes me!

Andy English said...

So kind of you to comment, Diane - thank you.

Annie B said...

Hi Andy,
I truly can't look at the prints in your Brothers Series without feeling a deep tugging in my heart. They're so intimate yet so universal - themes of family, growing, learning, sibling love, sibling rivalry, discovery all communicated in such an understated way and with such consummate technical skill. Thanks for sending me back to your web site for another look.
It's also really neat to see the photo of Ely cathedral, as I know it only from your prints. -ab