Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

Took a rare day off yesterday and travelled, with J, to the Suffolk coast. The first stop was Kessingland, with its striking church. I love the tall tower an partly thatched roof.

We visited the grave of J's parents and checked the lettering for her father that was added to the memorial. Afterwards, we wandered through the graveyard. Some graves date back to the 1760s and I was interested in the lettering and carved motifs, which ranged from skulls to anchors (for sailors). We ate lunch in a pub overlooking the sea before walking alng the beach.

In the afternoon, we dropped in to see Arthur at the Suffolk Villa gallery in nearby Lowestoft. He always has a good selection of East Anglian artists on display. It was good to be in Lowestoft again.
J grew up here and we were married in this town, twenty four years ago.

Back to work today on another commissioned piece. Regular readers will know that I tend not to show these so I will lead you into the kitchen to see what jars of jams and conserves look like in the house of an engraver.

I enjoy making the labels. They are good ways to practice lettering. Here is a closeup:

A and O are hosting a small party tonight and the music has started. ts time to tidy myself up and slip off, with J, to a nearby house to meet up with some other villagers.

I hope that 2007 brings everything that you wish for.


Diane Cutter said...

What a delightful label... It's so pretty that, if I saw it on grocery shelf, I'd buy the jam just for the artwork!

Happy 2007 to you, too, Andy!

Annie B said...

Happy new year, Andy. Success and happiness to you in 2007!

Sharri L. said...

Diane is so right! I would buy the preserves just to make the pantry an art gallery. Beautiful work, as always and such a treat to read of your wanderings on a chilly New Years Day. Happy 2007!