Friday, June 02, 2006

New Work; New Life

There is always something special about opening a parcel, especially when it contains beautiful woodblocks. The large and small blocks are boxwood and the other is lemonwood. Here is my work for the next few weeks:

The largest block is for a rather special bookplate. It has been commissioned in memory of the client's parents and everything in the design has significance. It is the most complex bookplate that I have been involved with but it has been a pleasure to work on this project. Here is a detail:

Boxwood is expensive but it is an absolute delight to engrave if detail is required. I am now clearing out the areas that will not print. This is laborious with boxwood, which resists such clearing but I want clear white areas around the lettering that is found at the top and bottom of the plate so I must keep at it.

Today, it seemed that summer was here again after some dull, damp days. The garden is looking glorious. Here is the large border:

I am sitting here contemplating some momentous news. I cannot go into detail yet but it seems that my dream of devoting myself completely to my art is finally going to happen! Watch this space... and fingers crossed.


Annie B said...

That's exciting news, Andy. My fingers are crossed. Have fun with your new wood. The lemonwood is really pretty - don't think I've ever seen that type.
Best, Annie

Miss said...

Your work blows me away! How exciting to have those blocks of wood - My fingers were itching to hold them and (are they already sanded?) stroke the smooth surface and admire their potential. (Speaking as a fledgling wood engraver here).

Michael Fraley said...

Such gorgeous carving. Words cannot express.

Andy English said...

Thank you for your kind words.