Thursday, August 18, 2005


Back from California with wonderful memories and a virus that has hit me hard. Yesterday, I just slept on and off until the evening, when I dragged myself into the studio to engrave, with deadline looming. Up at 5:30am this morning, hoping to carry on but just collapsed into a chair and slept. I go into the studio, engrave a few minutes until I just cannot focus and then sleep some more. Looks like this will be the pattern for the rest of the day; it is really important that I finish this block today so I can work on the other part page tomorrow.

People still ask if I do this for fun!

Of course it is, but that doesn't mean that there are not stresses, particularly not wanting to let people down. I have kept my order books closed until Feb. 2006 but may take on a Christmas card later this year so that I can meet the repayments on the press.

Back to California. The highspot? Probably the big black bear that ambled across our trail in Yosemite. It stood a few feet away and watched us and then turned away (thankfully). No time to reach for my sketchbook so I shot a short video. It was big - much bigger than ones that I have seen in captivity. I feel an engraving coming on!

Off to work then. My head is still spinning a little so I will keep to simple stuff.

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Annie B said...

Andy, so sorry to hear that you've been ill. Welcome home at any rate. Take it easy.